Make a Basket in a Day - Egg Basket - £85

Sunday 28 January / Sunday 24 March / Thursday 23 May 2024

This is a simple basket that can easily be completed in a day's workshop: one type of weave, a very simple border and a plain handle. Ideal for collecting from your hens or just keeping your eggs on the countertop! CLICK button below for more details and to book.

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Make a Basket in a Day - Shallow Tray Basket - £85

Saturday 3 February 2024

This is quite a wide, but shallow basket, which would be lovely for presenting fruit or bread . . . perhaps piled up with mince pies?! Makes a lovely centre-piece to the table.

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Make a Basket in a Day - Bread Basket - £85

Saturday 24 February / Sunday 25 February 2024

Another basket that can be completed in a day - a very useful bread basket, or use it for fruit, Christmas nibbles, you name it!

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Garden Wigwam Plant Supports - One-Day Workshop: £85

Sunday 28 April / Thursday 9 May 2024

Get your garden prepared for the early summer when sweet peas, beans and other climbers need a bit of support. You will make at least two large wigwams on this one-day workshop, possibly more depending on how quickly you weave! Do make sure you have room in your car to take them home - they can be 6-7' high!

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Log Basket - Two-Day Workshop - £160

Wednesday 7 - Thursday 8 February 2024

On this two-day workshop you will make a strong and sturdy log basket suitable for carrying logs from your log store, or just to sit by the fireside.

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Round Shopper - Two-Day Workshop - £160

Saturday 2 - Sunday 3 March 2024

On this two-day workshop you will make a traditional round shopping basket with an over-arm handle. So much nicer than plastic carrier bags!

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Zig-Zag Storage Basket - Two-Day Workshop - £160

Wednesday 27 - Thursday 28 March 2024

A large round basket, woven with a really interesting zig-zag weave and useful 'finger' handles. Great for tidying away toys, blankets and throws, knitting . . . whatever you need to store away neatly!

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Asymmetric Basket with 'branch' handle - Two-Day Workshop - £160

Wednesday 15 - Thursday 16 May 2024

Make this basket truly unique by the addition of a handle that you have sourced - an interesting piece of branch found on the woodland floor, or driftwood from the beach.

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Mid-Summer Basketry School - 5-Day Crash Course - £385

Monday 17 - Friday 21 June 2024

New this year! This is a condensed version of my Beginners' Basketmaking Course for those who would rather complete a course all in one go. You will learn about how to obtain and process willow for weaving; how to make round bases; staing up the sides; various weaves and top borders; shaping and handles. No previous experience is required.

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NEW DATES - Beginners' Basketmaking Course: Module 1 - £295

Sundays: 3 March / 7 April / 5 May / 9 June 2024

The previous course, starting in February is now full, so this is an additional course - still on Sundays but starting on 3 March and running to 9 June. It is the first of three modules of my Beginners' Basketmaking Course which is designed for complete beginners, or those with a little previous experience who wish to learn how to weave independently. The course takes you methodically through tall he various processes involved in making round baskets in a slow and progressive manner comprehensive manner; this one running on Sundays, each a month apart to give you time to practise.

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Willow Weaving Wednesdays - £50 per session

Wednesday mornings, one topic per month

31 January: Bird Feeders / 21 February: Catalan Platters / 20 March: Herb Pots or Mini Easter Baskets / 24 April: Wigwam Plant Support / 22 May: Sunflowers & Daisies / 26 June: Dragonflies

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